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>> al: right after the game the wendy's postgame report. a look at the league news as well and look ahead to next week's game between baltimore and pittsburgh. it is second and 23 after the holding call. four-man rush. campbell checks it off underneath. short gain. caught by kyle adams. so it's going to be third and 16 now. bears have one time-out. obviously, in a situation where they go for it on fourth down. >> cris: you have to take your shot eventually. >> al: they go to marshall over the middle. marshall trying to spring free around the outside. he'll go down at the 40. so it comes down to this for chicago.
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it's going to be fourth down and eight. campbell without the huddle. he has marshall going to the left side. he's got hester to the right side. he's got bennett in the slot to the right. precious seconds ticking off. down to a minute. and the pass intended for forte is incomplete. surrounded by four white shirts. so the bears throw their hands up and say "where is the call?" there is none. with a minute to go, wade phillips starts to get some high five's because the texans are going to go to 8-1. >> cris: connor barwin is going to pick this up coming all the way across the field here. a little contact there. but it was initiated as much by forte as fs barw it was by barw. no call. not a great night for the bears.
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for wade phillips, brilliant. absolutely, brilliant. all we want to say about the bears defense, it was wade phillips defense tonight who has got it done. >> al: he has just done a magnificent job coming over. gary kubiak brought him in in the 2011 season after the texans had huge problems defensively. he has revamped it. remember, they got rid of guys like mario williams and demeco ryans and he loses cushing. he comes into chicago and limits the bears to a pair of field goals. they go home to meet jacksonville next week. and if the season ended today, as the saying goes, the road to the super bowl on the afc side would go through houston. >> cris: big questions for the chicago bears next week, will jay cutler be around? the backup quarterback thing for the bears is just not working out. caleb hanie and now jason campbell not getting production
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if jay cutler is not in there. >> al: only thing that works for their benefit is extra day since they have the monday night game next week in san francisco. so this one is over. not a work of art, but it didn't figure to be under these conditions with the rain and the wind and all of the rest. the texans go home with a win. 13-6. the wendy's postgame report is next. .
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get the alert, energized feeling you need and support breast cancer research and access to care. the texans leave soggy chicago with a win and go to 8-1 and drop the bears to 7-2.
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the players the game the former bear danieal manning who forced a fumble and had a pick tonight. arian foster, 29 carries for 102 yards and he caught a pass for the game's lone touchdown. 13-6 texans. fosten ar and manning with mich. >> michele: arian, we were looking at the conditions but what was it like playing in these conditions? >> this field is pretty bad but everybody was in it so you had to do what you had to do. we fought really hard, man, so proud of my guys. >> michele: coach kubiak told me at halftime these conditions hindered the passing game so they need to do rely on you. how were you able to carry the load when it was necessary? >> well, it's just sometimes, you know, in these cold weather games, you know, running the ball is necessary and my guys up front, my hogs, they always come through and we go as they go. so i'm proud of them and feels good to be 8-1, really does. >> michele: i was going to say 8-1 and you win on the road in these kind of conditions.
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you guys predominantly an indoor team. what does this win mean to the texans? >> it means we're 8-1. that's it. next week we have to get ready for our next opponent and the mentality this team has. it only accounts for is a win. >> michele: arian, congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> michele: danieal manning, you spent the first five years of your career here in chicago. this is your first time back since leaving two years ago. you have a forced fumble and interception in the first quarter. how did things play out you expected them to and hoped them to? >> i say god is good. for me to come out here and show my talent and having fun with these guys. we played hard, man, and knew what we were doing. executing. i told the guys a long ground it out game and continue to stay with those guys we will within this game. >> michele: you played for some very good bears defenses and coming into many game there was so much talk about chicago's defense.
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how good is the texans defense? >> i think we are really good. i mean, sky is the limit with these guys. we continue to stay within what our team is doing, man, we can go all the way. nobody can stop us. >> michele: congratulations. >> thank you. >> michele: bob? >> the texans win tonight caps a day and night in which all of the division winners in the afc won. houston, new england and denver and baltimore. none of the division winners in the nfc won. chicago, giants and atlanta all lost and san francisco could manage only a tie at home against the rams. now we welcome in tony dungy. your reaction to tonight's game, tony. >> well, bob, you talked about being a division leader and i think houston made a stamp tonight and let people know they are the best team in the afc. they went on the road in bad conditions. we think of them as an indoor team. but they played smart tonight. they played tough. they played physical. they won chicago's type of game. their offense didn't throw the ball a lot as we mentioned and turned it over to their defense
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and the defense made plays. you heard danieal manning, he came and made a statement early, turned the game around with that physical hit and coordinator wade phillips i thought did a great job on brandon marshall roving he w realizing he was a threat an houston made the statement they are the best team in the afc tonight. >> they have a one game lead over the ravens and have a victory against baltimore so they own that tiebreaker. who do you think, assuming that houston gets one of the byes and the ravens right now fountain season were to end would get the other. who do you see getting that other bye in the afc? >> well, you really have to look at denver right now. they are playing better as the year goes on. we know peyton manning and that offense and they are going to put points on the board but i think what really has to have the broncos excited is the way their special teams and their defense is playing. today, a lot of sacks, turnovers. they got a defensive score. they have got von miller putting
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pressure on the passer and they are playing complete football. i like the way the schedule sets up for denver too coming down the stretch. >> yeah, their schedule is not too tough the rest of the way. thanks, tony. we turn to mike florio of pro football talk. take us through the significant injuries today, mike. >> bob, quarterback concussions were the injury of the day. michael vick in philadelphia left the first half of that loss to the cowboys with a concussion. nick foles took over. and vick won't be able to return until he is cleared by an independent neurologist to practice and then to play. same thing in san francisco. alex smith left early with a concussion. colin kaepernick took over for him there. tampa bay scary moment. linebacker quincy black immobilized after head and neck injury and relieved from a hospital after the game. coach greg schiano said he will be fine. the team isn't sure when he will be able to play and further testing on monday. for the denver bronco defense looking very good but things not
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as good for defensive ends elvis dumervil suffered a shoulder injury and mri on monday and he told us he is nervous about that mri, bob, as he told peter king. >> also on the nbc sports network, catch "the dan patrick show" weekdays from 9:00 a.m. till noon. al and cris to wrap things up from chicago where the texans beat the bears tonight 13-6. back after this. . what's that? uuuhhh! leave ordinary behind with wendy's new bacon portabella melt. applewood smoked bacon, rich portabellas in a melty cheddar sauce. unleashing the power of the melt. that's wendy's way. now that's better. wooohooo....hahaahahaha!
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[ male announcer ] a european-inspired suspension, but not from germany. ♪ a powerful, fuel-efficient engine, but it's not from japan. ♪ it's a car like no other... inspired by a place like no other. introducing the all-new 2013 chevrolet malibu, our greatest malibu ever. ♪ >> say you ain't convinced. they stale ain't convinced. >> this rivalry is heated with playoff memories bitter. >> super bowl hopes come to an end in pittsburgh. >> and sweep. >> this place is on fire. >> unbelievable. >> next week, steeler nation hope to reverse last year's agony. >> caught for the touchdown!
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>> on "sunday night football." >> al: that sums it up because baltimore and pittsburgh has become a staple on sunday night and terrific rivalry. and here we go again. just when it looked like the ravens were having trouble a couple of weeks ago when they were thrashed by houston and pittsburgh has all of these injuries, both teams playing very well right now and pittsburgh should win against kansas city tomorrow night and here we go next week in pittsburgh. >> terrell suggs is back to torment ben roethlisberger one more time. so many great moments. of the games we've had the great opportunity to do the last few years that rivalry seems to mean more to those two teams than any other. there is a bitterness to that game that you really don't always feel in all of the others. >> al: that is the action a week from tonight. we will see you from heinz field
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in pittsburgh for "sunday night football." coming up next, except on the west coast, your local news, followed by "dateline." this is al michaels and cris collinsworth and michele tafoya. our crew say good night from chicago where the texans win it 13-6. .
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>> tonight on 112 news, the ravens pull out a win.
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but family members spent the day helping those in need. shock waves through washington after the sudden resignation of c.i.a. director, david petraeus. plus -- >> i'm sarah, live with details on a fight that broke out at a dundalk flea market. >> you're watching wbal 11. this is 11 news tonight at 11 p.m. >> i'm deborah weiner. a fight at a dundalk flea market disrupted people enjoying a sunday afternoon shopping trip. sarah sampson is live at baltimore county police headquarters with more on what happened. sarah? >> police are still working out all the details surrounding exactly what happened. but we do know that three people were injured. one of them was taken to the hospital, and two people were taken into custody.
11:48 pm
>> hours after it happened a fight that erupted in the parking lot of the northpoint plaza flea market still had vendors and customers shakesen. some so nervous they didn't want their faces shown on camera. >> less than five minutes, yeah. >> the guy was laid out and he appeared to be unconscious. >> it shook me up, because i wasn't -- we don't ever have anything like this happen down here. >> a baltimore county police spokesman said the brawl broke out in front of the flea market entrance. it quickly attracted the attention of dozens of afternoon shoppers. >> people were yelling. >> one man was taken to the hospital after police say he was hit in the upper body with a rubber mallet. his injuries were not life-threatening. people refused treatment on the scene.
11:49 pm
>> there were two groups of people involved in the altercation. we cannot confirm that there was gang involvements. >> no matter what, the violence is unwelcome here. >> i've been coming shopping here over 20 years and i've never, ever seen any incident like this before, you know? and i would hope it don't discourage people from coming. >> now, police say they don't believe anything about this was pre-planned. and when police did arrive to break up the fight, again, two people were taken into custody. but as of tonight there have been no charges filed against them. reporting live in baltimore county police headquarters, i'm sarah sampson, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a shooting at a howard county taco bell happened early this morning in the 7100 block of minestrel way. the manager was confronted after confronting two suspects outside the store. he was taken to the hospital and currently listed in critical condition. no arrest versus been made and no word on a possible motive. the sudden resignation of
11:50 pm
c.i.a. director david petraeus over an extramarital affair has sent shock waves through washington and the ripple effect has been felt on capitol hill, where hearings are set for diplomatic issues about libya. top lawmakers say they want to know what petraeus knows. >> i don't see how in the world you can find out what happened in benghazi before, during and after the attack if general petraeus doesn't testify. >> lawmakers also want to know re about the investigation into the emails that made the director resign and why they weren't briefed sooner. for our sunday morning q&a, elijah cummings stopped by. during his interview we asked what he thought of general petraeus' resignation. >> what i've noticed in these investigations is that you start off with certain
11:51 pm
conclusions. a lot of times the facts don't match the conclusions that you come up with. i think we need to wait and see. you can bet your bottom dollar this matter will be thoroughly investigated, and we'll come up with the answers. but right now i think we've just got to concentrate on making sure that our military is supported and that we get out of afghanistan, as the. said we would, and that we take care of our troops. >> congressman cummings also commented on the fiscal cliff washington is facing. he says he is confident a deal will be reached in time. to mark vet advance day the president and first lady, michelle obama, participated in a wreath-laying ceremony at arlington national cemetery. before it began the president hosted a white house breakfast for vet advance. afterwards he and mrs. obama visited arlington section 60, dedicated to servicemen who died in iraq and afghanistan. they also shared private words with families of deceased servicemembers. the president noted to applause that this was the first
11:52 pm
veterans day since forces left iraq. an oversized american flag flying over domino's sugar refinery to commemorate veterans day. the pole had to be repaired after a storm knocked it down 25 years ago. >> today we're restoring that on veterans day, a 10 foot by 12-foot flag, which will rise up over the refinery and next to that iconic sign we'll have a flag over the harbor forever. >> the raising of the new flag is just one of the many ways the company is celebrating their 90th anniversary. the baltimore ravens along with the maryland food bank gathers food and funds for the hungry. hoping to exceed last year's total of $26,000, and more than 11,000 pounds of food to ensure a happy holiday season for families in need. every $1 donated supplies two meals. >> all the non-perishable food and the monetary donations are
11:53 pm
all staying here in maryland at the maryland food bank. there's a lot of people in need in baltimore. it's important, if you're able to give, to come out and do national. >> more than 460,000 people in the service area do not know where their next meal is coming from. if you missed today's opportunity, you can donate on the maryland food bank website, where you can win tickets to the game against the steelers. you can find a link to that website on ours at coming up on 11 news tonight -- thousands from across north america and around the world gathered in baltimore for a jewish convention. details on the importance of today's events. >> temperatures have been on the upswing the past couple of days. but there's also a down side to all of this and we'll talk about it. temperatures mild this evening, considering the time of year. 48 at the airport. downtowns in the mid 50's.
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>> for the first time in 23450erly 30 years a major national con -- nearly 30 years a major national convention has returned. it has drawn thousands of jews from across america and around the world. >> shalom. as we say in baltimore.
11:57 pm
>> maryland governor martin o'malley officially welcomed the jewish federations of north america 2012 general assembly, one of the largest conventions of jewish lay leaders, philanthropists and groups, many fresh off coming to the aid of those affected by superstorm sandy. >> your work to help the most vulnerable of our neighbors, including those neighbors of ours in new jersey and new york , we would not have put in the category of vulnerable citizens just 10 days ago, is the most important work we do together. >> the general assembly represents 155 jewish federations and 300 networks that raise and distribute more than $1 billion each year for social welfare and education and they're in baltimore for three days to examine the most pressing issues facing the jewish community, from religion and culture to politics and business. >> it's been a dream of ours to have the kind of gathering to
11:58 pm
show off for baltimore and also to engage with our friends and colleagues from around the country. >> once a year time when everybody gets a chance to sit together and sit, not just listen, but to talk with one another and what's going on positive in communities, but also how people are struggling and how they can learn from other communities. >> with israel to mark its 65th birthday next year, there is a lot on the table for this gathering, finding a temporary home in baltimore, which serves as a base for one the strongest jewish communities in the u.s. >> and next month governor o'malley will travel to israel for the third time. this time he says he's taking his son. >> now, your 11 that weather plus forecast with meteorology john collins. >> really nice today. didn't make it to 70 degrees, but very, very nice. cold front coming out to the west.
11:59 pm
that's responsible for the nice conditions we've had, because the southerly flow ahead of that front brought the mild temperatures. as the front gets closer we'll see some changes. doesn't look like it will be in here during the day tomorrow, so we'll still be on the warm side of things. but by tomorrow night into tuesday we'll begin to see the changes the front is bringing to illinois. you watched that game this evening in chicago and you saw all that rain. there's even snow west of chicago right now involved with that system coming in. as the game was getting near the end the rain was getting a little more intense. for us 66 was the high today. typical is 58. above normal, but not quite to 70. a few places may have made it up to 70. 36 was the low this morning. right now it's 56 annapolis, 56 at ridgely. on the boardwalk, 53. edgewood, parkton as well. 41 at frederick. just beginning to drop into the 40's out in far western maryland. maryland. satellite image shows clear

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